Viking Amps

"The Pillager is ROCKING! It worked great on the tour. Used it for the majority of the dates... and even carried it on a plane for a fly date! The Pillager was just the amp I was looking for! Thanks again!!"

"WOW! This amp smokes! Great clean tone in the green channel and very versatile overdrive/distortion in the red channel. Very focused, smooth and controlled overdrive unlike many other channel switching amps. Does a great job of replicating a vintage amp cranked to meltdown tone with no buzziness or stomp pedal type overdrive. Also, very well constructed and hand wired using top notch components. Very nice!"

"I have owned several amps in the past, but right now I have only the Pillager. This is the best amp I have ever owned by leaps & bounds (and this is NOT an exaggeration). There's nothing about it I don't like. If it were lost or stolen, I'd order another right away, as soon as I was done crying."

"I waited for several months before writing this review so that it wouldn't be in the honeymoon phase, but I don't think the honeymoon will ever stop for me and this amp. I would absolutely buy this amp again with no hesitation as it exceeded my already high expectations. Although I don't think I have to worry about that since I am pretty sure that the amp will outlast me!"

"Viking amps are amazing! I love that they can get me the iconic "pay the mortgage" sounds every guitar player HAS to have to survive. But still have their own unique voice and not just be another clone. Great sounding, great in the studio, great live and a joy to play thru with the coolest support out there. Night after night and session after session a world class amp in every regard."

"My one-of-a-kind amplifier from Viking Amps is built to spec, and is quite simply a best-of-breed channel switching overdrive amplifier that combines a Class A clean channel with an overdrive channel that provides the widest band of touch sensitive overdrive/distortion of any production or boutique amplifier I've ever played through."

"If you want the best sounding amp you have ever heard, Viking Amps is the place to go. Eric the Viking can build anything you want- from his Custom Signature Series Amps to his new Pillager. I named my custom creation the GUNNAR- with its multiple overdrive channels, allowing perfectly clean 6L6 power to turn into various levels of expression, with just a few clicks! SIMPLY AMAZING! Thanks Eric!"

"The amp is doing great! People keep commenting more than anything on how great the clean channel sounds. It's sounding awesome. That amp has taken my playing to another level... the stuff I am pulling off with that 3rd channel is stuff I didn't even know I could just plays itself! The second channel is amazing too!! After doing some gigs with it, I have decided that I love everything about it."

"I received my amp sounding exactly the way I needed it to. I consider myself to be very lucky to have found such a high quality amp tech. I highly recommend Viking Amps. Eric's a very friendly guy and provides first rate service."

"When I got this thing [1967 White face Gibson GA 5T] home (luckily no speeding tickets!) and plugged it in, right away I began thinking something must have been wrong with it the whole 32 years I've owned it because it's never sounded this good! Eric is more than qualified to repair your prized companion."

"Our preliminary tests conclude that this amp ROCKS dude! Thanks so much!"

"Eric breathed new life into my Silvertone amps, and I would highly recommend him to any other person. He is very skillful, friendly, fast and easy to work with. I sent all my amps from Utah to Virgina to have him work on them."

"I was completely impressed by Eric's personable nature and his very laid back, professionalism. The tone I heard for the first time just floored me."